Cranberry Cupcakes

Well I have had these cranberries in the freezer since Christmas - so I decided to make some cupcakes with them...I started doing the recipe and was confused by 5 and half tbsp of butter so did the same as the sugar and flourinstead...the recipe said makes 14 but I did 12.

so here is the recipe and they tasted delicious

3½ oz Butter or marg
3½ oz caster sugar
1 large egg
2 tbsp milk - I just added anough to make it the right consistency
3½ oz self raising flour
1 tbsp baking powder
just under 3 oz of frozen cranberries

cream butter and sugar together add egg, I then added the flour (sifted) and fruit and then the milk as I like to feel in control of the liquid side and added just enough to make the right consistency. Now I am failry certain I forgot to put in the baking powder and they were just fine, as it was SR flour.

bake at 180c/350f for 15 to 20 minutes until risen and golden brown...I tested one while it was still warm and it was delicious.

I iced the remainder and sold them on Ampthill Country Market stall


Anonymous said…
Hi pinkpuppy here!! thoughts Cranberry cupcakes look really yummy! i can almost taste then!!
They look delish, you've made me hungry now LOL
tiggertastic said…
yum yum yum, oh why did i have to look when i could just eat cake.

sarah xx
Scrummy looking cakes - going to have a go with this recipe - thanks for posting it!
Max said…
They look good enough to eat LOL ...