Sweets Galore

Happy New Year Everyone

Well I made the sweets as I had discussed on TheCooksJournal and made far too many! I made a couple of boxes and popped a selection in them:

So to start with I soaked the cherries in Drambuie as I didn't have any brandy - but I will have to try with Brandy next time. I used Glace cherries, but do fancy a go with some different cherries. I did try and cover them with chocolate using a skewer but in he end I dropped a blob of chocolate in the case then popped the cherry on top, and then covered with chocolate which worked well.

Next I followed Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstalls recipe for Truffles which was basically heat up a pot ofdouble cream until almost boiling and add to 200g chopped up chocolate, stir and wait until set. Well this didn't actually set until I whisked it
...then it was fine. I note that some add butter and Delia added yoghurt. I did find this video - which is worth a look. I covered some with ground almonds and cocoa, and added some chopped cherries to a few.

Finally I made the Peanut Butter sweets as discussed on the forum here I did follow the directions from this Apple & Spice Blog. Well in fact Owen made the peanut butter mix and I did the coating in chocolate. I tried just covering them first, but then resorted to the cherry method!

I gave them to my Mum for Christmas and all have been tested - the cherries blew her head off and she is going to have one a day! The others were all great. I reckon I could just coat cherries in chocolate without soaking as well.

We all enjoyed Christmas - I got some cooking pressies, a timer, a new apron, and some silicon utensils

Crafty wise I got some paper, a stamp and some books.

Loads of other stuff too, I hope you all had a nice time


Sue said…
scrummy sweets

Happy New year
Rosie said…
Delicious!! I was hooked in the post when it mentioned soaked the cherries in Drambuie :P

Happy New Year 2008!

Rosie x
Katie said…
They look great. Love the sound of the cherries. Happy new year!
Andrea C (Frog) said…
Ohh Carolyn everytime i visit your blog im always hungry at the delicious treats you have made.

Andrea xx