Today I had to collect Owen from school as he had an upset tummy. I decided to crack on with my CJ, as he seemed to be happy watching TV. It is really starting to take shape now, I have to do the 3rd chapter in a fairy story. So I have got Paul to do the story and I am just designing the page around it, it is looking quite good. (well it is good for me!)

I launched another challenege yesterday on the forum, using a BIG button - it has got everyone looking through their button box! Please feel free to join in.

I got a DCWV Old World Pad for Christmas from Paul just a 5 X 7 - but they go really wel with a lot of my stamps, I am really pleased with it. I did make a couple of cards at the weekend - but didn't manage the 'it's all greek to me' challenge - I must crack on with that too. So much to do and so little time!

I have managed to complete the challenge on the cooks journal and used pears, cinammon and chocolate - I have a photo that I will put on here later.

I am gathering up blog links as I have added two scroll boxes for them, so I will try and add all the people that have stopped by and left comments.


Andrea C (Frog) said…
Lovely card Carolyn, mines in the making process, thanks for adding my blog link to your blog.

Andrea xx