I have just found out how to add a scroll box - it was so simple, and have now added three boxes for all of the blog links. Hopefully it will save the page being too long.

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I finished my CJ today and was pleased. I intended to make some cards, but somehow the day has disappeared. Owen and I sat and watched Hot Fuzz today - it was quite funny - but perhaps only described as 'good' rather than excellent iykwim

The card above was from the rubber stamped image swap. Lots of 'colouring in' on this one, possibly not something I would always want to do. But he is cute isn't he. The image was from Okey-Dokey, I hvae really enjoyed the swaps - really gives you an opportunity to see some other stamps.

I have just booked to go on a quick course at LB crafts in May - just fancied having a play with stamps elsewhere. Unfortunately she didn't have any other places sooner!


Claire said…
This card is lovely, I just love the stamp you have used it is soooo cute!!!