Challenges and cooking

The advent quiz continues...on the Crafts by Carolyn Forum

I have made a card it needed to have a gardening theme for an 80 year old I used Clare's template and came up with this, somehow it looks better in the flesh. I am pleased with it - I hope he will be. I even got the Robo fired up and did the numbers.

Now I was all set to join in with Rosies Great British Pud challenge - I know it was going to be very late anyway - but Owen wanted syrup here is the
Microwave syrup sponge pud (click through for the recipe) I posted about this on the The Cooks Journal forum. I halved the recipe and there was enough for two big portions and three reasonable portions, especially if you had custard. I did warm up a little syrup and pour that over once it was out of the bowl.

It has pretty much rained all day here - I have made a few cards and have been sorting out the birthday clubs on the crafts forum...I even did housework yesterday so we can visitors now! I really got carried away and washed the windows! So had to go and have lie down


Rosie said…
Looks beautiful Carolyn and one of my favourite puds too. Lovely comfort food for this time of year here in the uk.

Rosie x
Anonymous said…
That pud looks far too good to eat :D but wouldn't mind a huge piece with custard...will have to check out your recipe!!
Love the card too :D
Anonymous said…
Oh. my. life. syrup pudding - how I miss it! Yours looks YUMMY!!