Our Anniversary

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Today is our wedding anniversary, and we exchanged cards this morning....This is mine sorry the sun had gone out of the garden by the time I thought about taking a pic! Paul gave me a DVD and chocs - I gave him nothing! I really couldn't think of anything to give him....but I will give him a book later when he comes in. I also had a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered.

I met Sue for coffee in Letchworth and managed to spend some money in the new craft shop there - I bought a scalloped punch, and some little inks.

After Sue went I reparked and had a quick wander looking at kitchen stuff - and bought a new silicon muffin tray and a new mixing bowl - what a spender eh? I had got my cheque from Ampthill Country Markets with a full months baking included and thought I could spend a little!

I also visited the Artistic Stamper and puchased a couple of stamps....well it is my anniversary!

I need to catch up on post some recipes...will do done in a mo.


Anonymous said…
ooo I NEVER knew it was your anniversary - sorry

a belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both