Only Weekly!

Don't forget to visit:The Cooks Journal and is now ready for posting! If you have a food blog - come and tell us all about it.

Well I only manage to keep this up to date on a weekly basis now! So once again time seems to go so quickly! I do have another recipe - so will get that up tomorrow

It is Pauls birthday and I have yet to make his card! He decided to work from home today as well - so it was obvious I hadn't made it! So am just going to do that!

I used some of my rubber stamped images from the swap at the weekend - they are fab - thanks girls, and you can see them here. Sorry by the time I chopped them up I can't remember who they were all from, still have loads to use as well. The next swap is girls stuff - so if you want to join you just need to send 6 pieces of card stamped. More info is on the forum, great way to see other stamps. I have no idea why I took the pics on a slant!

I have spent the morning baking and did try something new - but for some reason it wasn't a hit :( will analyse it later! So nmarket duty for a couple of hours in the morning I hope that it doesn't snow - did you get snow. I have added a pic of Owen - he just had to get out in it on Sunday!

The CooksJournal has launched a new challenge to cook something from Belgium - so will have to think about that one. Anyone else fancy joining in?

Christmas has started on the forum and we are organising a secret santa! The monthly card swap continues, along with the weekly challenges. Anglenorth has just shown us how to cover a tin - ideal for a Christmas present.


Hazel said…
Lovely cards, Carolyn. I've been chopping mine up today (the stamped images, I mean!) and will be using them on cards soon. Hope you get Paul's card done (they're always the ones we leave somehow)
Is that brown stuff snow? *snicker*

Send owen over here, I have to shovel the sidewalk EVERY day at the moment, it's really annoying!! He'd have lots more than that thin layer of brown snow to play with!