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I have been making these for the Ampthill Market, and thought I would share my findings. I have used a combination of several recipes and have found that these quantities fit into two 8 inch (I think mine are slightly smaller) round tins. I like the idea of the shape as it makes a difference when packaged! Sometimes I leave half plain and add fruit to the other. Just recently I have found the fruit sells better...Perhaps I ought to try dipping them into Chocolate.

I line my tins with parchment (baking paper) do not use greaseproof!

6oz Butter or Margerine
4oz brown sugar (or mix of different depending on the fillng)
2oz syrup
12oz oats

Melt first 3 in a bowl and then add the oats. Divide between two round tins, cut into 6 when still warm – remove from pans when cool.

According to Net the more syrup you add the chewier the flapjack.

Here are some of Nets suggestions:
Dried fruit (I add about 4oz to half)
chopped dates and chopped walnuts - use dark brown sugar.
plain choc and chopped brazil nuts.
chopped apricots

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Rosie said…
Oh my these flapjacks look mighty delicious and I really like your recipe :)

Rosie x
Rosie said…
Sorry forgot to add that I'm linking you on my Blog too :)


Rosie x
I love oatmeal, I'll have to give this a try.
I love oatmeal, I'll have to give this a try.