Half Term

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Wow busy week...started gentle and just a trip to Bedford. Then Tuesday we went to London for the day. We went to the Natural History museum first, and boy was it busy, we really should have just taken some rolls for lunch as it was a pain queueing for food. We had a great time - Owen loved it, they had a special Antarctic exhibition (extra charge - of course!), but it was Owen's kind of thing.

We then headed over to Covent Garden - although Owen did want to do the Science Museum as well....(!). Funny thing happened on the way - Owen had bought a little monkey with magnetised feet and hands, and while waiting for the tram he showed me a trick with his train ticket where the monkey could hold it. I did point out that it had a magentic strip on the back and probably wouldn't work in the machine now...needless to say he didn't believe me!! So when coming up from the tube Paul and I go through and he is left on the other side...so I tell him to go to the end and talk to the man who would let him through....The man exclaimed "Oh no, that is a fake ticket" We all thought it was really funny - except Owen...but he did laugh in the end.

So had a great time in Convent Garden and then walked over to Leicester Square and finished the day with a pizza.

Am baking for the Farmer's Market atm - so will write up some more later.