Ginger Cake

I baked this at the weekend as a test for the Country Markets stall, and it was OK! I just found the recipe from the web on a forum somewhere - sadly I forgotten where, I got several toagther and kind of combined them.

Ginger Cake
Warm in a bowl:
2oz Black Treacle
2oz Golden Syrup
4oz Marg
4oz Sugar

Mix in a bowl:
8oz Plain flour
1 tspn Bicarb of Soda
1 dessertspoon ground ginger

Combine the two then add:
1 medium egg beaten
¼ pint milk (I did see one of the recipes suggesting you warm this as well but I didn't)

2lb loaf tin for 1 hour 180c
Or apparently double the mix and make 3 X 1lb cakes and bake for 50mins

I actually made a 1lb loaf and filled 5 muffin cases

I made flapjacks yesterday - so will put the recipe on here soon - another combination of a cook book and Nets advice!

It has kept really well, and Owen has been taking it to school and he has been enjoying it with ice cream too.

NOt much else to report - will get around to making some cards at the weekend. Check out the forum for the latest what's on


Rachel said…
My Mum used to have a fab ginger cake recipe - delia I think it was - I will ask her if she still has it or which delia book it was and see if I can locate it for you (they are in the middle of moving house at the mo so it may be a while....

That's a fine looking ginger cake! I always like seeing home baking done well.

Thanks for your comment on my blog.