Wednesday Blog

The days just race by don't they? The weekend was a busy one with the Farmers Market in Ampthill on Saturday morning - unfortunately it was a wet one, so only 5 cards went from the basket! Luckily I stayed at home in the dry - it was just the cards that were in the wet, it had stopped by the time we packed up so not so bad.

Sunday was the Ampthill Gala Day - which means a procession to the park and then a 'fete' type of thing for the afternoon, and some things go on until the evening. The Scouts put on a tea tent which is a big fund raiser for them. So I went and did a couple of hours setting up and serving. The weather actually stayed dry fo the whole event - so that was great. Although I am sure a lot of people were nervous of getting caught in a downpour. As they had threatened bad weather for the whole weekend I did not bake any cakes for them - I normally do 2 or 3 but I thought that they wouldn't sell, but I should have really.

I mananged to make a card for the latest rubber stamping challenge that has been set by Okey-Dokey, - stamp on fabric - do you fancy a go? Check out the forum for details.

Off out to lunch with Vicky later and meeting my friend Gill tomorrow, so a busy social calendar to keep up with!