This week - recap

I don't find the time to blog everyday - and in fact my life 'just ain't that interesting!'

So this week I went out to lunch in the Tea Shop in Ampthill - we had to share the last piece of Rhubarb cake....lovely food - freshly prepared. Vicky will be going home soon so probably the last 'lunch' we ill do.

Then on Thursday I met Sue and Clare for lunch and a shop. We started at Card Inspirations at Tewin - and didn't actually realise that it was closing down and that everything was half price until we had been in there for ages! So I had to 'reshop' and managed to spend just over £20...everything in the pic - plus a tombow pen and some buttons.

The brayer, lavender stamp and green Christmas tree were all ex class bits and only cos £2.50 for charity. I presume I can change the brayer bit with some textured ones - and I need you all to give me some guidance on what on earth I want it for!

We then had a great lunch at the Plume of Feathers, the food was fab and the service, the views in the garden and the weather was also perfect. We had a lovely natter about crafting and families etc etc.

I then went on the WGC and saw my Auntie Rose in Hospital - she was both surprised and pleased to see me, my cousin was there too, so was nice to have natter.

I made another card for the RS challenge on the forum, but as yet have not actually used my new stamps! Still needing some cards for men - this rediscovered cricket stamp is popular.

I also made the card on the left with an image I stamped when I saw Susan a few weeks back - I just love this stamp - and maybe tempted to buy it some time.

I guess holiday time is upon us and many of you are now away, or going shortly, I hope you all have a great time.


Sheila said…
I love the cricket card Carolyn....the paper you used is gorgeous.

You won't be able to change the head in your brayer for a patterned one but you can still do amazing things with it like wrapping rubber bands around it or lightly brayering over something textured before brayering your paper. Try inking up your brayer and then gently roll it over some bubble wrap to remove some ink and then brayer over your card or paper.
Green kitchen scrubber gives a nice texture or even a large patterned stamp.
Have fun

Oh by the way...I am passing an award on to you so can you visit my blog to pick up your badge to display on your blog.
mum-on-the-run said…
Love the cricket card, the new stamps look great!
SueH said…
Hi Carolyn,
It sounds like you’re having a busy time still and lucky you for turning up at the craft shop when everything was half price….I’m never that lucky.
Love the cards, especially the cricket one.
I think that flower stamp has to be one of my favourites. If you want any more images let me know and I’ll do some for you or you can always borrow the stamp (which reminds me, I must return your rocking horse one)

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