kitchen finished

Now I know it has taken a year but we have finally had the floor laid in the kitchen and am very pleased. We do actually have to have the wall tiles done in the utility, but I don't think I will get that sorted until after the school holidays now.

Things seem quiet on the forum - so I presume everyone is busy with children and holidays and days out. So sad that the weather is so bad, I hope it picks up very soon.

I went to the park on Tuesday with Vicky and Wendy and all the children for a picnic, I had swapped my working days around as it was forecast to be the best day. AND the sun did shine for us. The children all seemed to have a nice time....:)

I have made a few cards but need to get some pics of them - will catch up at the weekend. It is the Farmers Market in Ampthill so hopefully I will sell a few there, only managed 2 on the market this morning. I did make this card a while back and it is amazing how some stamps prove to be excellent buys - this one has been with me for years - and every card just sells. The card was on a pearl card - but you can't really see it on the photo.

I made some choc chip muffins the other day, I need to get some more recipes together....

Forgot to mention I did pick some french beans the other day - I am sure this chilly weather is slowing up the growing of my veggies. I used the last of the loganberries to make a summer pudding at the weekend which was rather yummy - actually there are still a few left but not any real quantity.


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous card, I love that stamp.
Melissa said…
Love that card!!