Banana Muffins

Well as promised these are the Banana Muffins that I made the other day. They are lovely fresh out of the oven, or slightly warmed in the microwave...although Owen likes his cold!

They are so easy to make:
Banana Muffins
Mix in one bowl the following:
7oz pl flour
2tsps baking powder
3oz sugar
1tsp salt
3oz raisins

then in another bowl mix
1 egg
1oz butter melted
70ml milk
3 bananas

Simply combine the two by stirring together and then divide between muffins cases I made 10 but I reckon they could have been a little bigger so maybe divided between 9.

Gas 6 200c 20-25 minutes

Sales on the market were poor this week after 12 last week I was down to 1 this week! Oh some, lose some!


Melissa said…

My mouth is so watering now!!
I so wish i could cook! do you teach??? teehee
mum-on-the-run said…
Will have to try these, they look lovely!!