Coventry Car Museum

We went to Coventry Car Museum yesterday. Have to say we were not too sure if it would be any good - as even after visiting the web site we were not quite sure what to expect.

It didn't take long to get there, we parked in a public car park opposite that was 50p fr all day on Sunday and Bank Holidays...and the museum was free as it is a natioanl museum. We sat outside eating sandwiches watching the cars arrive from the Hants & Berks car club from a rally they had organised. There were loads of interesting and not so interesting cars turning up whilst we ate our lunch. I love this Sunbeam - something I always fancied.

The Landmarques Exhibition is excellent and takes you through the history of the Coventry car industry - Owen listened to it all.

They had a lot of Triumphs there as thet were made in Coventry and this Triumph Spitfire is the same model as the one I owned when I was in my 20's, so I had to take a picture of it....mine was a G reg...and not in such good condition - but I did love it!
Obviously the exhibits are mainly focussing on the Coventry Car industry and the British industry - so there are not many (in fact not sure if there were any) foreign exhibits. They had some interesting ones including the DeLorean, Aston Martin and Jaguars. Owen fancied this Aston Martin - as he had not seen any Porsche, Ferrari or Bugatti
..and this DeLorean
I thought this car was really cute - but can't remember what it was...!

Finally Owen put a penny through a special machine and it came out like this - it cost 50p plus the penny - but he was very pleased!


Melissa said…
WAW what great little cars :) i really like the sunbeam too :)

I love the machines that squash the pennies :) what fun! glad you have had nice bank holiday! xxx