Runner beans

I have planted my runner bean seeds today - but they are an old packet so I hope they are OK! I also put in courgettes and some french beans - all old packets - so fingers crossed for them! They will stay indoors until they have started sprouting then I shall pop them in the cold frame. Although another job is to clean out the cold frome as it has not been used since last year.

I wanted to cut down the Photinia that has got far too big this year - but spotted a nest in the middle so have had to abandon that! If you look at the nest closely you can see a tail poking out, if you click through I have marked it.

I had a lovely walk up Gas House Lane in Ampthill today, to a friend that lives at the end and took some photos - of course the sun went in.....I see someone is rearing these birds - I am not sure what these are - anyone know - BUT I just love the cat fast asleep, far too tired to think about hunting them!

Apparently this tree which is a sweet chestnut is hundreds of years old and was planted as part of Houghton House. The lane used to be one of the entrance drives to the house. There are only a few surviving now - although there has been some new plantings.

I see the Rape Oil Seed is all coming out and there are now fields and fields of the stuff, I stumbled across this web site in the local paper today, buy-local, and on there you can purchase local Rape seed oil - check out the deli part of the shop. Although there does seem to be a lot of items whislt they are stocked by local suppliers they are not local food, an interesting web site and only one delivery charge - so maybe worth a visit.

And on a completely different note I have just been 'talking' to my brother on MSN, he lives in Arizona, and he sent me this picture of bats stealing hummingbird food!


Anonymous said…
Nice to catch up with your blog Carolyn. Lovely pictures!

Rachel (Forum)
Melissa said…
Oh WAW how lovely to find that nest!
Net said…
Those birds are Guinea Fowl. We used to keep them, they make the most weird fantastic noise ever!
H said…
Net beat me to it :) i hate these things they can make such a din in a morning and they have wierd freaky faces.
Sheila said…
Loved seeing your photos Carolyn and reading the write up on your walk.
That bat photo is amazing but it made me go all squiggly cos I hate flying things.