Castle building

I did suggest that we went out today - but Owen said he didn't want to go if it involved walking or shopping (we went shopping to Bedford on Thursday)! That narrowed my options so we stayed in and busied ourselves....

Owen has to make a castle for his school history project. Apparently they could work in pairs - but he explained that when he has done this in the past he has done a lot of the work - so he decided to do it all himself. Now I am not convinced he has done it all himself as he seems to have chosen me as his partner.....So we started with a cardboard box and two shoe boxes that we undid and measured up to make the towers.

This is the progress so far. It needs another coat of paint and the towers need sticking, along with doors and windows (to be drawn on!)

He seems to be pleased with his efforts!

I also made some cards today and have added another entry to the RS challenge - have you done one yet - I would love to hear. This little stamp has been in my collection for ages - so he has come out for an airing. I did another using him so will put that up tomorrow when I have taken a photo. Don't forget all the activities that are going on at the moment on the forum check out this entry for details


Anonymous said…
Fab castle! Did your two finish it yet? Would love to see a piccie of it all finished.