Thank you

for the sympathy, I would be lying to say I am feeling better - just can't believe how much it is hanging about. Paul is still suffering and he has had it for a week longer than me!

Good news today though - I managed to sell 16 cards at the Ampthill Farmers Market. Well when I say 'I' - I wasn't actually there selling the stall was manned by others - which made it even more fun.:) So when I feel bit better I will have to replenish my stock a bit. The rubber stamped cards did well - so that is exciting too!

I did make this card last weekend with a stamp that Sue lent me - it was for the boss at work. what a cute bee he is!


maggieb said…
Thats a great stamp Carolyn. I bought my first stamp last week just one that say's happy birhday on it but i forgot to buy any ink pads.Great card