Why can I never think of a title! Popped round to my friend Karen's on Sunday and she had sold 20 out of the 25 cards I left there just before Christmas, so I have left her 35 this time. Was really pleased as she loved the new stamped ones and thought they would go down well with her friends.

Well as usual been slaving away at Milton Keynes Council for 2 days and now have two days off! Not actually produced anything crafty to show you - sorry, but will have to get my card making hat on again now that I have lost 35 cards!

Em has tagged me which is a new concept to me too - so here goes:

1. Find the nearest book
OK - I am actually in a room full of books - but the nearest (if this counts as a book)

2. Name the book & the author
....is my creative Zen handbook thingy! Still having a bit of trouble with it freezing, although now have a pen pal at Creative, we email each other almost daily!

3.Turn to page 123.
not entirely sure which language this is in and not sure I have enough characters on the keyboard

4. Go to the 5th sentence on the page & copy out the next three sentences onto your blog.
"fotografier - overfort fra ditt private digitakkaera eller skannet fra trykte fotografier"
"Overfore eller "ripper" musikk fra CDer"
"Kontroller at spilleren koblet til dtatmaskinen slik det er vist pa side 122"

it may have typos and have not got an o with a slash init on the keyboard - also no idea why I am doing this..... :) it seems very odd....

5. Tag 3 more people.

wow not sure who has not been tagged and who reads this so have picked some from those that have commented...

Off out to Stamp Addicts tomorrow - meeting Clare there


Em said…
Thanks for joining in the tag, wow, that sounds like a bit of light reading *wink*!

Well done on the card sales and have fun tomorrow!
Rachel said…
Carolyn have completed your tag xx