Well in case you didn't know it snowed today in Ampthill. And the schools decided to close today.....luckily it was my day off, so I didn't even attempt to travel. although I think once you were out of the Woodlands estate the roads were fine. It snowed for pretty much most of the morning - small flakes, and the skies were dull and overcast.

It was a shame that the sun didn't manage to shine. I did take some photos but they all look rather 'grey'.

I walked into Ampthill this afternoon to the Post Office and posted some orders and my CJ - I only have one more instalment to do. The town was pretty quiet really - I am sure if it had stopped snowing earlier more people would have been out and about. The children seemed to all enjoy it, and there were snowmen and giant snowballs everywhere. On my walk home I ended up stopping off for a coffee at 2 sets of friends houses - so it took me 2 and half hours to get home....

I took the opportunity to make some Melting Moments as Paul was also at home and when he works from home I can't use our broadband as he has to connect to work on their network. I will put the recipe up tomporrow and some pics. I only managed a couple of cards - one for the black and white challenge will also do that tomorrow.


Sheila said…
I love the photo of the bush with red berries.......that would make a lovely..dare I say it....Christmas card.