It was Farmer's Market today in Ampthill, I have to say now that it is in its new location it doesn't seem to get as many visitors - which is a real shame. It is tucked away and I don't think a lot of people realise it is on, I only hope that eventually it will improve, as I guess some of the stall holders will soon drop off. I only sold 5 cards (but different to last month), but as I wasn't on duty it wasn't so bad. They were mainly Mother's Day cards.

Apart from my day to day pruchases from there I have bought a fab looking Focaccia (sp?) loaf that we will have with our bolognese tonight. I think it was from a mill in Redborne near St Albans - if the smell and look is anything to go by I am sure it will be fab....just getting hungry thinking about it now!

Waitrose are doing a charity fund raising week this week and the profits of their efforts are going to Ampthill Scout Group, so we went to Waitrose with Owen to help collect money and then they had a few photos taken as well - not sure where the photos will be used...but I think Owen thought it was quite exciting! so maybe he will make the Bedfordshire on Sunday or the Times and Citizen. I guess Waitrose must try and get it published locally as they will want some advertising from it.

I have launched another rubber stamping challenge - this week it is vellum (or tracing paper is fine). Check out the Crafts by Carolyn forum for all the details.. I used the crop a dile to set the eyelets - I have not used eyelets in ages - much better than getting a hammer out I must say, although slightly fiddly getting it balanced. I actually have not used vellum - I have some thick tracing paper that I bought from the Works. I stamped the shoe with a fluid chalk ink pad and the golf with a dye based stamp. They took a few minutes to dry, and then the gold one I added chalks to the reverse of the paper.

I have also been making some cards - some of them are not that exciting - but thought I would add the gardening one as it is a stamp from Pixie dust on ebay, in fact the golf stamp is too. Just added the flip flop cos it is cute and I know it will sell well, and was very easy to put together

Off to see Karen tomorrow so will leave about 30 cards with her...


Anonymous said…
Really like the cards particularly the gardening one
What did you use to 'colour in' looks really effective
Carolyn said…
Thank you

I have been using H2o's for most of the cards and supplementing with watercolours where I am short of colours.
Donna said…
I love the colours on the gardening card. I'm really unimaginative when it comes to background card colours. I usually stick to white!
Em said…
Loving the cards - especially the flip-flop one - very me lol!

I have blog-tagged you btw!!!

Bex said…
OOh you busy bee you!!

Lovely cards - and you are getting a bit good at this stamping!
Anytime you want to borrow stamps just shout - although Sue has a "few" more than me!!

Bex xxxxx
Rachel said…
fab cards, and ooOOoo those rock cakes look scrummy