Melting Moments

Well as promised here is my recipe for melting moments. It is a very old recipe that I have been doing since I was about 15, I remember my Auntie Rose making them when we went to there for the the day. Mum and I went on the train from Harlow to Bush Hill Park in the summer holidays, we often used to go during holidays - so I guess I was 13 or 14. She says she doesn't remember and neither does my Mum! So it is in 'old money' I am afraid - my scales has a choice so I just stick to the old value!

8oz Margerine or butter, I always use the block variety
6oz Sugar
Cream both of these together
then add a
beaten egg - carry on creaming together and add some of the flour if it 'curdles'
add a drop of vanilla Essence, then fold in
10oz Self raising flour

The mixture is a stiff mixture and will look like this:

Roll into balls and roll in crushed cornflakes (I put mine cornflakes into a deep dish as it saves mess going everywhere!) or porridge oats, add a half cherry on top, they will spread out so make sure you leave enough room between them on the baking sheet and then cook for 15 – 20 mins in a moderate oven (gas mark 5 180c), they should be slightly brown, leave to cool for a few minutes then lift them with a spatula/slice. You can make them as big or as small as you fancy - just adjust the cooking time slightly. I made 18 this size, and they took 20 mins to cook

I have substituted Cocoa for flour - a couple of ounces, and have rolled them in Coco pops as I didn't have any cornflakes, and they seemd to be popular!

I shall do some catching up tomorrow, with some cards.


Sheila said…
Oooooooh I haven't had Melting Moments for sooooooooo long.
They are gorgeous rolled in coconut too.........if you like coconut that is.
Thanks for reminding me about these........I must get my cooking apron out and have a baking session.

Anonymous said…
OMG I remember my aunty always making these when i was younger. Might just show the recipe to my 11 year old - he loves making cakes!!