Little spend

The craft barrow is closing down in Milton Keynes and has 15% off everything - have to say I have never actually bought anything on there before, but today I bought a rubber stamp and a couple of small stamp pads.

card making book Then when I got home from work, as Paul had been working from home today he was able to take delivery of the the books I had ordered from Amazon...I had asked for them for Christmas but Santa failed to bring just can't rely on some people

card making book

I have only had a quick flick through them - but they look quite good. I can see some of the projects are from the magazines - but it is still nice to have them all in one hopefully they will inspire me.

little drawer project
Talking of inspiration - have you seen Carols latest project on the forum - it is fab, all the Info on how to do it is HERE

Having watched the TV programme about food last night I am inspired to make some soup - but have not got any nice recipes to hand - so I reckon a search for that may be on!