Catch up later

We (Owen and I) have been away to Bognor Regis, we didn't get up to much, Mum had not been feeling well. It was a nice change and we went out for lunch on Thursday, and popped into a few shops. Played Rummikub in the evening and I sorted out their computer and installed Skype, AVG, got outlook Express working again, and backed up all of their photos - so they should be Ok for a while now!

Yesterday was a bright sunny day so we went over to Dunstable Downs, which is Bedfordshires highest point - then the sun went in! There were loads of people over there flying kites - you can see them all in the picture with Owen's back to the camera, ranging from little children with tiny kites to adults with huge kites and were taking off from the ground! There were even 3 people playing follow my leader with 3 kites - which was great fun to watch. The weather got steadily worse and everyone started to go home! I took some pics - but as you can see the light changed big time, and you could barely see the gliders so didn't bother with a photo of them! I didn't actually get a pic of Owen and the kite in the same shot, and my hands got too cold to continue teehee -

There is a new centre over there now - and it has loads of potential, so I hope that it is a success - I personally would lose the prepacked cakes and paper cups for inside eating, and would change the layout (but am certain the layout will change as it was half empty), and then I would definitely be encouraged to visit again - for a nice walk or Fly a kite! followed by warming cup of hot choc and a piece of cake! They did seem to be cooking food to order not sure what though, but plenty of people eating.

I will get round to making some things soon and get some pics up.