Robo, robo how do I love thee Robo

Or something like that....I have been having a quick play today and it is great fun. I would never in a million years had 4 or 5 alphabets - I just couldn't justify spending £100s and on lots of different alphabets and number sets - so this is the ideal solution - although I could have had several alphabets for this money (teehee) - but never any welded words.

So quick play tonight has lead to this dead simple card, but I like it!
I have launched a quick Rubber stamping challenge on the forum so have made some cards for that - I will show some more tomorrow, but these are the two so far:


Dollydimps said…
Welded words are definitely the way forward!
Yay for Rob!
Em said…
Well done you - you certainly seem to be getting to grips with this robo!
Rachel said…
love the baby card Carolyn its so cute