Catching up

Well I have caught up with all the orders now and everything is in the post. So I have launched a 10% sale today for today - and I may extend it until get shopping now.

What an awful day - I was going to pop out - but am going to do it later perhaps it will have stopped raining by then.

I have just got round to downloading the photos from the camera....

I did manage to pop a 'pretend ticket' in a bottle for my Dad for a present at Christmas, it was not an amazing work of art - I didn't think flowers were appropriate for him - but did manage to do something and used the new Robo for it. The ticket was for the submarine museum - but as I only put the cash in he can spend it as he wishes. I included the opening times and the instructions on how to get there and money to include a lunch was quite fun!

Mum (and Dad) were so pleased with their 'exploding box' and she had been busy showing the neighbours - I didn't add it here in case she looked before Christmas, so for those of you that missed it here are a few photos

I did have some fun looking through the photos and didn't realise Owen was so active....

I will have to get round to scanning some of the old photos so that I can play with them and maybe add them to scrapbooks etc..

ON the forum we have started a number of challenges and some swaps will start soon - so if you have never visited - come along and join us - we would love to see some new members.


Sue said…
I LOVE that EB...I really must have a bash
Jo said…
That bottle looks fab and is such a good idea :) Love the exploding box :)

jo xx