Today I made some cakes for work, as the tradition is that you bring in cakes on your birthday! So to ring the changes and not go to M&S I decided to make some. (although my boss suggested going to krispykreme (sp?) doughnuts!)

So I made chocolate brownies and lemon I will do the recipe for the brownies:
4oz /115g butter or marg
2oz /55g cocoa
2 eggs
8oz /225g sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
1.5oz /45g plain flour
3oz /85g chopped walnuts (I didn't have any in mine)
3oz /85g raisins

350f /180c gas 4 8inch sq tine (I use a swiss roll tin/tray bake tin and added half the ingredients again) It makes at least 15 portions and it is very rich!

Melt butter and cocoa together, either in a saucepan or I do it in a bowl in the microwave

In a large bowl beat eggs and sugar and vanilla essence, until light and fluffy

then add cocoa mix and stir

sift flour and fold, add fruit/nuts - basically you can add anything you like so long as it adds up to the total weight

bake in centre for 30 mins - do not overbake, leave to cool in tin. cut into 2in squares. (if doing in the larger tin bake for around 40 mins

It should be gooey in the middle, so don't overbake.

I have also been making cards and will put some on later, and the lemon cake and recipe will be on tomorrow.


Carol said…
oh my word, these look so scrummy - yum yum!