December 9th

christmas lights
Work day again today, wandered around the shops for lunch and after as well. Boy is it busy in Milton Keynes, popped into M&S and it is already a bun fight in there - can't imagine what it is going to be like even closer to Christmas. I decided to get the turkey joint and put it on the freezer as we are going to Paul's Mums just before Christmas, so that will mean I can have some food left for us to munch on Boxing Day, normally it is a mad rush to go out the door to Taunton on Boxing Day! Hopefully I will have some new toys to play with as well!

So how did Sue's decorated tins go down - aren't they fab - what a great idea.

Question 9 for the 9th December.....
All the answers are somewhere on the site including the gallery and the forum, and these are the only accepted right answers.

"When booking your Christmas Craft fair what is the first question I would ask?"

Once you have found the answer go to the advent calendar to submit your can only be entered on the 9th December.