December 19th

christmas lights
OK OK - I mucked it up big time - the answer wasn't on the site - I had forgotten to update the page - I feel so embarassed - really sorry guys. :(

I have checked todays and it is definitely there - honestly....really. So now you have been wandering around the site - have you any other brilliant ideas that I can research and add to the site?

Off out for lunch tomorrow with work - just going round the corner to the Chinese - we were all too lazy to walk over to the Theatre District so are staying our side of the centre! What are we like! And what is it about this time of the year - that everyone brings in food - we have a big tin of sweets, although the bss that bought them seems to be eating more than the rest of us...and I felt compelled to buy a pack of biscuits in M&S today! Good to see that we all decided not to send Christmas cards again in the office and have a collection for Willen Hospice, I think it is the best solution all round - never knowing who to send to and not wishing to upset anyone by forgetting them.

Question 19 for the 19th December.....
All the answers are somewhere on the site including the gallery and the forum, and these are the only accepted right answers.

"What is "I love you" in Italian?"

Once you have found the answer go to the advent calendar to submit your can only be entered on the 19th December.