December 12th

Monday, Monday...what rain we had this morning - was it like that your way? Back to work in Milton Keynes - it soon seems to come round. Still trying to think of something amazing for my Dad's Christmas pressie, and wandered round the centre at lunchtime as usual....but didn't come up with anything! I have not been stopped by a TV crew this year - so not nearly as exciting as last year - funnily enough the clip is still on the BBC web site I am the one with the scarf and the fluffy jacket after a jumper for my Dad - see same old same...

I did have another play with the new stamp yesterday and tried something not pink...but think this one maybe a bit drab really - wanted to use the paper but couldn't find any other colours to go with it! I have actually ordered some new ones off Ebay last night - but am saving them for Christmas...quite getting into it.

I also made some cards for the advent calendar - I decided to a template challenge - my first go at 'hosting' one - so I expect you all to make at least one card! Well OK not sure if I have chosen a good template, but had a brilliant idea for my parents wedding anniversary which you will see

Question 12 for the 12th December.....
All the answers are somewhere on the site including the gallery and the forum, and these are the only accepted right answers.

"What is the traditional birthstone for the month of December?"

Once you have found the answer go to the advent calendar to submit your can only be entered on the 12th December.