Busy day making

It is my wedding anniversary today - so I thought I had better make a card.....OK so I had left it a bit late, but Paul was at work all day so he wouldn't be able to look at it until he got home anyway. I thought I would use the template that is currently running on the forum as inspiration - cards for boys are always so difficult. So I decided to play with some rubber stamps that I have had for years. I started with a chalk ink pad and didn't like that as you couldn't read the writing, so ended up with a versamark pad and some chalks, I think the stamp goes well with this method, making it look Olde Worlde. Paul likes Pooh Bear too - so I knew he would like the card.

I then cracked on with my CJ - now this is something I have never ever attempted and to be honest I really haven't a clue what I am supposed to be doing....so to stop me worrying it is better to get started.
So far I have now done the cover, the introduction and the rules pages, so I have 2 pages and the sign in left to do - here they are so far. Once I got started I did get into it - but there seems to be so much decision making - and I had to get so many things out too.
Once I have done them all I will bind the pages together and take another photo, it is quite scarey to think I will have to make pages on a subject that I have not chosen in a few weeks time. Struggling with a theme I have chosen!

I had another wander around the internet this morning while having my tea break and found this fab site:
TaylordExpressions she is really making some fab things and makes some lovely cards too.