Today we went to Rye and surrounding district. It is so pretty there and it is just nice having a wander around. I went armed with my list of 'craft shops' as posted on the forum - thank you ladies. We went to the tourist Info first and spent ages looking at the the very old penny machines they had there. There were a lot that were tableau style, and when you put your penny in various things started moving, some were from as long ago as the 1840's. Owen spent absolutely ages spending 7 old pennies that had cost us £1!

We managed to have a nice lunch and a general wander around and then luckily found one of the craft shops on the list! I didn't buy much just a few things as I thought I might have a go at stamping again. Owen also managed to find a cuddly toy in the other shop mentioned that had a variety of wool and other haberdashery bits. I didn't actually buy anything in there - but had a lovely wander around.

Finally we wandered back to the car and took a couple more photos: