Gosh - I am so sorry

I really don't know where the time has gone and I have left my blog all cold and lonely. I guess life in the last few weeks has been more mundane, and not much to report.

I have already booked next years summer holiday and we are returning to Cornwall, a different place this time as we were unable to get into the one we went to last year:
trenancefarmholidays, so a long time away but thought it was better to get it booked and then not worry.

I went to Sue's a while back and spent the day rubber stamping - I have to say I really enjoyed myself. I shall scan some of the cards I make - still got to construct them, I have not done stamping for year and years, and was spoilt for choice on designs. I hope that she invites me back.

The Ampthill Farmers' Market changed location and eventually got busy, I hope it is a success, I did sell about 6 cards - a little down on numbers - but still fun!


Sue said…
Blimey NO TOMATOES!!! thought they had taken root

of course you can come back

after you have been my shop assistant at MK
Rachel said…
Hi Carolyn, your nearly as bad as me neglecting the blog hehe.

Great news on booking the hol (the link wont work atm so I cant have a nosy) We booked a holiday in Feb to go away next Feb to Gran Canaria - you need something to look forward to!
Carolyn said…
Rachel - that will be great getting some sun in February, I have fixed the link now - it all works (well I hope so!)