From good to bad

The day started well really - well apart form the weather! I even tidied up my 'still to be finished' kitchen. Then I went to see Bex and her little scaredy cat dog!

We had a lovely time - opened a parcel of paper that had just been delivered, and opened my parcel of paper that Sue had left for me. Looked through various crafty bits she has - it is all so tidy and nicely labelled...shame she put her new rubber stamps in the drawer entitled dies - otherwise she would have found them much quicker! We also sat and tidied up the last of her drawers!

I also received some dies I bought from Sheliagh, and Bex gave me a couple too and I know I have some on the way that Carol is giving me too - how lucky am I.

Then I came home to find that I had another order that had gone walkabaout from beginning of last week, this week has been a disaster several have gone missing, as well as several hours on the forum. (We all need extra hours not less!) And now it looks like I may have lost emails. AND I have had a parcel go just not my day (well second half anyway :(.

I have organised the next competition that Sheila (Bookworm) will be organising ans giving a prize watch out for that very soon.

I have constructed my Circle Journal book - so I guess I best start thinking about doing something in - can honestly say I am scared stiff, kind of regretting putting my name down now.


Anonymous said…
Not sure why you are scared of the CJ - you will have to think of it as several small cards all joined together! I managed to get some of the ring things today but haven't even started construction yet! Rachel