Eye opener

Well the last few days have been both shocking and distressing, and a complete eye opener for me. They say life is full of surprises and it sure is. But hey ho onwards and upwards. On the other side of the coin I have been very pleasantly surprised at other people and their kindness, support and thoughts.

I guess my trust of friends has been knocked for six, but today is a new day, and I hope my headache soons lifts.

Mum and Dad came over and have both got awful colds so although they had planned to stay until tomorrow they have already gone - coughing and spluttering loaded up with throat lozenges for the journey home.

So we didn't do much yesterday, they took longer than expected to get here so we only went to the new Waitrose in Ampthill, to buy our dinner. They saw the new kitchen - which is still waiting for new doors and floors - but should be done soon.

I have really got into card making and have been making a few each day - so must keep this up....


Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear you had a bad few days earlier in the month Carolyn. Hope you're now feeling much happier.

Rachel from Ampthill Today