Owen and I had been doing a jigsaw in the evenings - which made a change from playing the normal electronic games - so we thought we had better take a photo of it before we put it back in the box.

Today we headed off to Canterbury - which was quite a drive from where we were staying - but worth it, it is such a characterful place. We went around the Roman museum - which did have a bit too much 'reading' for owen - but he still enjoyed it - and it kept us occupied for an hour. Quite an insight into the way they lived - and I know Owen has been doing the Romans at school. We did do some wandering around the shops - I found another craft shop - but the same as one I had found in Tunbridge Wells the day before and a bit samey!

A great holiday, and nice to spend some time together.


Rachel said…
Carolyn looks a lovely place you stayed and some greta piccies - the weather looks perfect too - glad you had a nice time - a break from recent events Im sure ((((hhhuuugggg)))). Wow how many pieces is that jigsaw and how long did it take you both? Charlotte loves jigsaws - but hers are only 50 odd pieces atm x
Paula said…
I've been in Canterbury this morning. Spent up though, I'm not going there again! LOL
Carolyn said…
Thanks Rachel - it took us a couple of evenings - it was quite tricky. Owen loved jigsaws when he was Charltottes age, but we only seem to do them when he is ill!

Paula - Canterbury is lovely isn't it, I was impressed witht he par and ride at only £2 for all of us.
Paula said…
It's beautiful, I've only been twice, mainly for shopping (which is fab) but it is also nice to wander the back streets. We still haven't made it inside the cathedral yet tho