Been Playing

I did a really funny this week and manage to make a wedding card and mispelt 'Love' I have a scan of the card and now I am glancing back at it I just can't believe how I missed it. I showed Paul and he didn't notice it either! I took it into work and Vanessa noticed it, so I ended up hurriedly fixing it before I met Sue at lunchtime. What a day! I guess you are wondering how the heck I misspelt it - well so am I!

The little black cloud that has hung over me this week is beginning to lift and I hope things are getting better, looks like they will - time will tell.

I have also been playing today and have made a couple of 'Artist Trading Cards' ATC something I have never attempted before - they are just something you make about the size of a playing card and work to a theme. The theme is set weekly on the forum, and this week it is Glamour & Glitz.

I was also due to pick up a pile of fabby paper that I ordered with Sue - but of course in all the excitement I forgot to pick it up in MK on Friday...was looking forward to making some cards with it! Oh well hope I can get it soon. I was lucky enough to be given some vouchers in May (you know who you are girls!) and I had only got round to spending it.


Rachel said…
hehe at least Im not the only wone who cnat spel ?!? those ATC are fab - this is something I havent dared try yet
Bex said…
HAHA tried to comment last night but wouldn't let me..........

AND for the record carolyn - you may have BOUGHT papers with your voucher ......... BUT who has them for safe keeping eh????

Not so safe now all of a sudden ........... snip snip

Love Bex xxxx
Carolyn said…
You get your hands off my papers - they are mine ....ALL mine
Carolyn said…
Lucy - How can you mis-spell 'it'....ha ha I wonder if anyone bought it?
Saffa said…
Great ATCS..I really should make some!!

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