Well this year my vegetable plot hasn't done as well in previous years, I don't think I put enough effort into it, both in upkeep and planting more plants, and the weather meant that it should have been watered more often.

However I have managed to have my normal bumper crop of tomatoes! A few of the skins have blemishes on them which I guess may have been down to the dryness and then the rain that followed...but this is a picture of my crop that I have picked over the last 5 days, less some that we have eaten.

Next year I will have to find a few more things to grow as I do like the 'harvesting' and it is lovely to be able to eat your own grown produce.

Well this week has certainly passed by quickly, it was back to work as usual and Wednesday I painted 5 internal doors, did my craft orders and made a card order too. On Thursday I was intending to do my tax return. But my friend phoned up and persuaded me to have lunch out at a local pub in Flitwick, after much dithering of where to meet we ended up at the Blackbirds....I felt I deserved the rest...tee hee

I also got an email from someone that I had traced through genes Reunited that is a second cousin to my Dad, which was very exciting as we don;'t really know any of his relatives, she is actually out in Australia - so I don't think we will be meeting up! She has sent some photos of what would have been Dad's gret Aunt and Uncle - so very exciting.


Anonymous said…
Your tomatoes look scrummy Carolyn!

Rachel - Ampthill Today
Rachel said…
I agree those tomatoes do look yummy. Enjoy!
Sue said…
TBH I am slighty fed up of seeing these tomatoes........its OCTOBER