Short tour of the South!

Owen and I went to visit friends in the New Forest on Wednesday, they have moved there from around these parts and are in a lovely thatched cottage with a big (and I mean big) garden. It has a lovely orchard and we tested the apples and greengages that were ripening in abundance.

Their dog Harvey was dying to have his photo taken too as I was wandering around with my camera.

We also went for a walk around the forest, Harvey found every piece of water around - luckily that didn't amount to much, although what was there was rather stagnant! Owen had a lovely time, and we saw some baby donkeys and foals along with loads of ponies.

I then drove from the New Forest to Mum and Dad's in Bognor where we spent the next couple of nights. The weather could have been better but we still enjoyed ourselves. We had a trip out to Rustington, as I had seen an advert for the Bay Print Copy Shop that had a craft section. Although we seemed to spend more time in the shop with a large selection of joke toys and the extreme water sports shop.....I did actually get to the craft shop and bought some paper. They don't have a large selection but worth popping along if you are local.

We then went over to the local park and Owen had his first go at flying a stunt kite. I have to say for a first attempt he didn't do bad. Although I did find it quite tiring tearing around after this kite unravelling the string and then throwing it back in the air, and having to duck everytime it came near me fearing for my life!


Sue said…
I am LOVING that cottage
Rachel said…
wow that place looks gorgeous