Woburn Safari Park

I helped with the Alameda Middle School year 6 trip today to Woburn Safari park. I was very sceptical about going and was persuaded by Owen to go! He had come home and told me that he would like me to go, and that it wasn’t on a day that I worked, and it would be a ‘free’ day out – and really not to be missed. I reluctantly filled in the forms, but have to say I had a lovely day, and the 4 boys in my charge were much better than expected! Although a couple wanted to go round everything very quickly rather than take in each ‘area’! My friend Pauline was also there – which I didn’t know until I got to the school. So we had a lovely natter on the coach and also kept seeing each other around the park. The weather was humid and overcast and we did have a few spots of rain - but nothing to worry about

The monkeys were not up to their usual tricks, although there was some lovely cute babies. But the lions gave us a lovely show – with rough and tumble games. There are two cubs in the pride, and here is one playing with a ball. Sorry the coach window has made it a bit ‘misty’!

The lemurs were lovely and I know we could have stayed longer….the children were fascinated to be up so close to these fab creatures.

The kitchen is progressing, although Jewson's have held them up as there are two end panels missing, and they still hadn't arrived. Also there was a bit missing from the taps, so the plumber had to go back and change them
Although it looks like we have the oven - it is not actually installed, so we had Fish & chips for tea!
The breakfast area is also taking shape, and is almost finished. So need to look at getting new doors, tiles, flooring and wall colour….


Carolyn - sounds like you had a grat day out. The kitchen is coming on a treat - all seems to be taking shape very quickly :-)