Summer week

Well this week certainly has been hot hot hot. I really should have tackled a bit more decorating - but my excuse was that I thought the tiler was coming....he is now coming tomorrow.

I did manange a bit of painting after my friend that popped round for coffee had gone home...but it was just so hot.

The garden looks like scrubland, and some of the established shrubs are wilting, so it must be so dry. We have an enormous lime tree out the front of the is quite a pain at sheds leaves and the aphids that live in give out a sticky stuff, which has now stopped. But we have been thankful for it this week as it has been shading the house. ONLY we had arranged several months ago to have it trimmed - we get it done every 5 years, and the chap turned up today!

I thought you might like to see some of the pictures.

Here is the tree as I left it this morning, view from the front of the house and the view from our back garden.

I was very disappointed that I missed him as I went to work. He just climbs up the tree with his chain saw hanging from his belt.

And here are the two 'after' you can imagine how sunny it was indoors today!

This was what the lawn looked like after he had finished.....

I have not spent my winnings yet - been spending on Owen and getting his new holiday wardrobe for camping...managed to find some really great T Shirts on MK market for £1 - and he loves kitted him out for a fiver! Wow am I a generous mother!


Sue said…
Blimey a real HAIR - CUT

and BTW it is far too hot to decorate