...The start of a new kitchen

Well the weekend was busy and hot...

Saturday we spent all afternoon at Ampthill Town FC while Owen played in a 6-a-side tournament, and Paul was the manager (he was quite excited really). They managed to make it to the quarter finals...we just knew they would get past the next team...one lad must have been 6ft tall...and these were under 11's. It seemed a long day with the heat...we arrived at 12.45 and got home just after 5! I also had the honour of handing over the trophies to the under 8's winners and runners up as I had sponsored their event. I even had to choose a man of the match!!!!

And just for added excitement Owen seemed to injur himself on most of the matches, it didn't help that the ground was so hard when he took a tumble.

Sunday Owen went to play cricket, so Paul took him and stayed there - they arrived home around 1.30. While I painted the wall in the breakfast area as I thought it would be easier than trying to do loads of coats when the cupboards were up...I knew it would take a bit of effort to cover up my stencilling! It was far too hot for painting so once I had covered the back wall I gave up!

We spent most of the weekend emptying out the kitchen, everywhere in the house now seems to have a 'bit' of the contents of the kitchen.

So when I left the house this morning at 8.20 the two men that are installing the kitchen were left with two mugs, the kettle and tea bags....and an old kitchen....
....and when I came home at 5pm it looked like this, I think they kept themselves busy:

As the weather is so fab we had a BBQ for tea!


Kathy said…
hehehe I remember that "bits of kitchen everywhere" thing from when we had ours done at the old house! Did you chuck much away as you were clearing?
Decorating sounds a touch masochistic, Carolyn!