Well this week Owen has been at Alameda School - at Game Academy. They do three different sports a day including, cycling, football, netball, yoga (!), karate, tennis - I can't think of any more, and then tomorrow they have a fun day with some races. He has had a great time so far. Somehow it feels a different type of summer holiday this year as Owen is growing up and doing lots of things on his own....getting to the age where he doesn't need his mother!

Today my friend Wendy and I decided to have a picnic in Ampthill Park after - with her three children, and a couple of others....well of course at 4.00pm when we were due to go we had a massive downpour. But by 5.00pm the sun was shining again. So we all went over there and had a lovely time. The park is huge but hilly in most places, a lot of it was landscaped by Capability Brown as part of Houghton House. I did take my camera but failed to take any pics, although I missed an excellent photo opportunity when Wendy did the splits while bowling at cricket! The grass got quite slippy as the sun went down!

So a good day...I even sold some cards this morning on the market stall, the Country Markets stall had moved once again as the market had reduced in number of stalls this week. Apparently it will be on the move again next week......


Jane said…
nice to read about picnics and stuff- sunshine seems a distant memory to me at the moment. Love the kitchen by the way !