Have just heard that the kitchen will be fitted Monday week - so need to pull my finger out and get the rest of the things I need. Excited but not looking forward to the mess!

The entire Woodruff household have had their haircut tonight - so we are all nice and smart but nowhere to go! At least I will be looking nice and tidy for my trip to B & Q tomorrow.

Must really make some cards, bit stuck for inspiration atm...Ampthill Farmer's Market this weekend. We also have the Ampthill Festival on Sunday - I will do a stint on the Scout tea tent and will make a few cakes on Saturday.


Rachel said…
How exciting a new kitchen!! I remember when we had ours done in the old house, Charlotte and I moved to my mums - it was like changing rooms when we came back. Tony did a video diary for me and I dont envy your forthcoming mess, but it will be worth it in the end!
Kathy said…
Good luck with the new kitchen - you'll probably need it too - but it will be worth it, honestly!!!

I was really ruthless when we did ours at the old house and chucked loads of stuff away - of course about a week later I regretted it but never mind eh?
Carolyn said…
Well I have never had a kitchen replaced - I have had new kitchens in new a whole new ball game for me.

We will have to eat out all week!