Office Move

Well today I went to work and I had all the excitement of my work place now being down the corridor AND newly painted - never before has that happened in the 8 years I have worked there.....

We were working in what I can only describe as a cupboard - 4 of us, then the problem was alleviated slightly by not replcing someone when they left.....but I now have a window I can see the outside world and there are 10 of us in one big happy office!

I was chief Mrs Shifter and organised the plans....must remember to add it to my CV.

Today it rained quite a bit - but funnily enough a lot more in Ampthill than MK...quite pleased really I know my garden could do with it, my new lettuces were positively smiling

The town of Ampthill is certainly changing one of the old buildings a 1940's cinema has almost been demolished, and the frame of Waitrose is pretty much there by the seem of it.

I also notice that one of the thatched cottages is going to get a new hat...I just love watching that takes shape. I think rain stopped play for them today, I really must take some photos.

And for Owen day 1 of his SAT's have passed and he had 2 bananas from Waitrose...although apparently a little too green for him

Do not on any account attempt to write on both sides of the paper at once..
...W C Sellar