Well it has taken me a little time to get around to updating my blog, I think I was still traumatized from the weekend! I have to say I really had such a lovely time and it was so nice to put faces to names. Funny I don’t think I had imagined how anyone had looked but had always got a voice in my head for each and many of these just clearly didn’t match. I guess the ones that throw you are the ones that have a regional accent but are no longer in that region…Nicki from Switzerland…probably the biggest surprise, although my Essex accent was a shock to her too. My lack of height caught a few people on the hop!!! Was nice to share this with Tracey who had the same problem!!!

There are already two fantastic accounts of our day on these blogs, and I will struggle to top them:

Jane (Puss)
Although when we arrived at 10.20 there were already loads of people there, even though it didn’t start until 11, it was just those that had to sort out the room that were supposed to be there, so you can see how excited everyone was…so at first it really did look like organised chaos…but we soon got things moving, no idea where all the chairs were from and somehow more and more kept appearing…..when there was some assemblance of order it looked fab.

I really enjoyed looking through the ‘show and tell’ and having a quick rummage through the bring and buy and managed to find a couple of punches….I just don’t know how the day went so quickly and I am not really sure if I spoke to everyone. I think and hope I did…

There was some great demo's but tbh I seemed to flitting here and there that I only saw glimpses of them, but everyone seemed to enjoy.

We had a fab raffle, with prizes blagged by Bex :AA and we also had a secret pressie that everyone took and popped into a big bucket and then we all drew one. I had some great ribbons and stickers. The day was busy from end to end.

Here is a pic of the lovely quilt that was made by a group of forum members:

There are lots more photos on the gallery:
Birmingham Gallery

Some of us went for a meal afterwards and that gave me a chance to chat some more, it was a bit disappointing that we couldn't all sit together.

Well it was truly a fabulous day, and I can't believe that all these friendships have been made through my forum.