Been to the theatre

Just been to Mk to the theatre to see 'Girls Night', quite a comical and fun play with lots of music:

Girls Night

I have never seen so many women in the theatre before - I reckon there were only about 10 men in the whole place...and they probably went to the pub at the break!

Gwynneth Strong was obviously chosen for her acting skills as she didn't sing on her own - but all the other girls sang well, and was a great clap along at the end. Gwynneth was good - although I did want to pull up her trousers!

Good night out tho - worth seeing!

And what a lovely day it has been very hot, and still warm now. People sitting outside pubs - like it is the middle of summer, amazing. Although I see the weather men are saying it won't last!

On this day in 1979 Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister, the first woman and so far the last......maybe it will be Nadine for Mid Beds soon