The Weekend yay!

Well having updated my blog the other day and when I pressed the button it all disappeared I am a little late with my posting!

Been busy trying to find parcels that have taken an age to arrive from the States, but at long last they have arrived this week, so now my lounge looks like I am moving and full of boxes! Must get it all unpacked and tidied up in case someone comes round!

Interestingly I got an email from Royal Mail – eventually – telling me that one of the parcels was not even in the UK – on Thursday sent at 5.33am, then the postman delivered it at 10.10 that day! Posted on 8 March, so I guess it took the wrong route!

I love receiving parcels it is so exciting looking through everything even though I know I have ordered it so should know what is there! I have to put it all on the web site now, I have managed to get quite a bit on already need to add some more later today.

Owen brought his second mock Science SAT’s test home today and got 38 out of 40, we were really pleased. But have to say it was really nice seeing him pleased with his achievement. The tests seem to give him a real boost, unlike the ones when he was little that seem to knock him back!

I also ordered a new printer, but unfortunately not the lead…so it is still in the box atm!

A fab sunny day today, Owen has an afternoon of St George’s activities planned with the Scouts this afternoon. They are then having tea a DVD and are sleeping in the scout hut, so we are going out for a meal. An Owen free weekend until 11 tomorrow! Tee hee