The End of Tuesday

Well I have done my two day stint at work this week, and now have my craft shop hat on! Been quite busy at work clearing our cupboards, and trying to make do with everything like you have to in Local Government. We are on the move down the corridor, we have not moved for over a year so I guess we were due another move!

It does make me annoyed when I read that it is unfair that someone working in the Council has to work in rubbish conditions. I am sure that other people do have better conditions to work in. Where I work - the carpet is threadbare, the blinds are falling down that we can’t touch them, and they have paper stuck to them where slats are missing and the sun blinds us. The fridge is rusty and absolutely disgusting and we have not other refreshment facilities, I can't remember when the walls last saw a coat of emulsion…..moan moan!...sorry had to get that off my chest!

Got some cards to make tomorrow and craft orders to catch up on, I notice quite a number of new customers this week! I have been searching the internet for something new to stock but have yet to find that new product – it is proving very elusive.

Looking forward to a long weekend again this weekend – such a glut this time of the year!

I did another scrapbook page at the weekend, I shall put a pic up when the challenge on my forum has been release!