Busy Day

Busy day in the Woodruff household - we all did some gardening today. Digging the veggie patch, Owen and I were busying ourselves at one end why Paul had moved onto the bigger weeds...they must have been the size of Triffids (sp?) as he managed to break a decent spade...our very own Popeye. So most of it has been dug now - well forked as the spade is now gone! I just can't believe that so many weeds can arrive - where do they all come from?

I have put in my onions (as you do) and also sown a row of lettuce. Could really do with a shower of rain now!

I have almost finished my order of 50 cards and gift cards, hope to get that posted this week. And made quite a few other cards too, so maybe I might sell some this week. The Farmer's Market is not far away and you never know - if it is sunny it could be a good turn out. Although it is a Bank Holiday weekend so everyone might be going away.

Back to work tomorrow, although should be a quiet journaey as the schools are not back until Wednesday....